What Are Backlinks & Why Are They Important?

Published Nov 18, 21
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What Are Backlinks And How To Earn Them?

Reaching out to people who covered it and asking them to link to your improved resource. It is based around creating the best piece of content on a topic and leveraging it to steal links from those whose content you have improved upon. Brian has even produced a great video to walk you through the steps of using the tactic.

It is based on a similar principle, but rather than finding content that performed well, why not look for content that didn't perform well but that has the potential to. Essentially, pieces that could be great, but that were executed badly. Then, go ahead and create the best piece of content around this topic and tell relevant webmasters and publishers about it.

You will need to round up a series of experts within your industry (it is almost like a reverse content round-up, where you are the one creating the content) and pose a series of questions to them and turn it into an engaging piece of content that collates the opinions and insights of industry leaders.

How To Get Backlinks (15 Quick And Simple Strategies)

You will naturally find that some of the experts who contributed will link to it from their 'as seen in the press page or similar, and there's also often interesting angles and debates that industry publications love. Here is a great example where experts shared their Google Shopping tips that earned 13 links - link building packages.

What Are Backlinks And How Do They Work?How Important Are Backlinks For Seo?

To be clear, any links that are paid for violate Google's Webmaster Guidelines unless they are marked using either rel="nofollow" or rel="sponsored" attributes to prevent them from passing Page, Rank. link building package. We have already highlighted the risks of paid links, which are used as a lazy tactic, and we won't be sharing these here.

Let's say there is an influential blogger in your industry who has made a name for themselves and earns thousands of page views every month from your target audience. It is unlikely that they are going to link to you (at least upon your request) for free. Why would they? They have spent time building an audience, and they are not going to give that exposure away for nothing.

What Are Backlinks?

Essentially, where they will feature and link to your business in return for payment. This can be great at exposing you to new audiences and earning referral traffic. Make sure that the link uses the rel="sponsored" attribute to clearly mark that it is a paid collaboration. Advertorials with top-tier news publications work in the same way.

It simply involves putting together a reasonably-sized scholarship fund (think $1,000 +) and listing the requirements and offering on a dedicated page on your site, before reaching out to colleges and universities that list current scholarships and hoping that they link out. It is popular because it is a proven way to land links from educational institutions and those you wouldn't normally get links from, but it is one that has been abused and overused in recent years.

Just make sure that the event or organization that you're sponsoring aligns with your business, and you will enjoy benefits aside from just a link, but if you are only sponsoring as a way to land a link, you need to ask yourself whether that investment could be better spent elsewhere, especially if the links you will get don't topically align.

What Are Backlinks For Seo?

What Are Backlinks And Why Are They Important For Online ...The Ultimate Backlink Strategy Seo Guide For A Smart 2021 ...
The Ultimate Backlink Strategy Seo Guide For A Smart 2021 ...Backlinks [2021 Seo]

From pitching to the press to running an outreach campaign to land guest posting opportunities, it is all different variants on the same process. To truly master link building, you will need to get good at outreach (or work with someone who is). Outreach for link building is simply when you identify people in your industry (be that influencers, journalists, bloggers or webmasters) that might be interested in linking to you and reaching out to them to build a relationship and explore opportunities for them to cover your content.

Writing convincing outreach emails that encourage the recipient to take action. . It is a process that easily lends itself to testing out approaches of your own, and that should be tailored to the specific link building tactic you are using. Always be sure to personalize outreach emails and clearly outline the action that you want them to take is.

Add up to five competitors to the tool, and you will even see recommendations made to help you analyze more links. You will then be served a goldmine of insights into your competitors' link profile, including those who have earned the most links, the Authority Score (AS) of each, and which sites have landed links from the domain.

Backlinks Explained: What Are Backlinks & Why Are They ...

Whether you are looking to use the Skyscraper technique to create an awesome piece of content and steal links from your competitors' page, having the insights around the types of content that your competitors (and others in your industry, even if they are not a direct competitor) are using to earn links is valuable to help shape your own strategy.

You can find the pages on other sites that have been linked to the most using our Backlink Analytics tool, heading to the indexed pages tab and sort by the number of referring domains. You will now see the site's most linked-to pages. You need to use common sense and skip past 'policy' pages, and the like, but it offers some insights that you could be using in your campaigns.

(Ideally, your link profile will contain far more follow links than nofollow links). (How closely aligned to your business are the sites that you're landing links from? Links that come from closely aligned content are typically more valuable). (You don't want to be just earning links from the same domains all the time and should focus on increasing the number of unique referring sites in your link profile).



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